🤔 Who am I?

I’m a Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform, powered by data and AI. When I’m not blogging on dev.to, contributing to open-source examples or projects, or live streaming, I’m looking for new places to hike with my wife in not-so-sunny Seattle, WA.
🛠 Favorite technologies, frameworks, and top programming languages:
Python (Flask/Django), Node (Express/Fastify), Vue.js, React, SQL, GraphQL, Stripe, Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics, Google Ads

🧳 What’s my story?

You can see my resume on LinkedIn page, but here's a quick recap of what I’ve done so far:
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  • Lead Developer Advocate: Empower and inspire Salesforce Developers through code samples, demos, in-person talks, prerecorded videos, and workshops.
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  • Staff Developer Support Specialist: Support developers integrating the Grammarly Text Editor SDK by writing tutorials, updating docs, building demos, and finding creative ways to improve the overall experience of Grammarly’s developer platform.
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  • Senior Developer Advocate: Wrote technical tutorials, built demos, and influenced the direction of Stripe’s SDKs and APIs by gathering insights and feedback from the developer community.
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  • Solutions Consultant: Developed and delivered customized solutions, supported developers and customers, and authored internal documentation for Google Analytics and Google Marketing Platform.
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Yale University

  • Earned a Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Spent a summer semester abroad in Kenya, played IM basketball, and majored in psychology

🤝 Let's connect

To start, the best way to reach out is through LinkedIn.
I'm open to speaking at conferences, being a guest on dev live streams, and playing PC games.
If you'd like my assistance, it would help to make your request clear and provide the details in advance of a conversation.
~ Charles